Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam has been the backbone of our business at AM Foam Products since day one and it remains so today. We stock different styles of foam to meet our customer's needs, including ester, filter, anti-stat and convoluted material. Our inventory covers the entire range from 1.0# Density and 21 I.LD. (Indention Load Deflection) up to 2.7# and 90 I.L.D.

Polyurethane from AM Foam Prducts in Kansas City MissouriWe carry foam specifically designed for furniture, packaging, electronic protection, fire resistance, filters, and resilience. With each of them, we are perfectly equipped to fabricate it into the shape or size that you need for your coomercial or industrial application. Our well-trained and experienced employees are experts at helping you choose a product that fits your application in the most economic way possible.

When you combine our experienced expertise with our extensive product offering and daily commitment to service excellence, we hope you'll find us to be the best value in the industry.