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AM Foam Products has many grades of Polyurethane Foam in stock we're ready to satisfy virtually any need you have for cushioning or packaging foam for your commercial and industrial applications.


With over 50 types of Sponge Rubber in stock, Am Foam Products is very likely to have the material on-hand to fill your needs, and, with 100% inspection of our finished goods, we are absolutely sure to fill them with QUALITY!

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Rubber products available from AM Foam Products in Kansas City Missouri - www.amfoam.comasdfasdf

Polyurethane products available from AM Foam Products in Kansas City Missouri -


Polyurethane foam has been the backbone of our business at Am Foam Products since day one, and it remains so today. We stock over 40 different styles of foam to meet our customer's needs, including ester, filter, anti-stat and convoluted material. Our inventory covers the entire range from 1.0# Density and 21 I.LD. (Indention Load Deflection) up to 2.7# and 100 I.L.D.

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AM Foam Products is a proud partner with the Sealed Air Corporation in bringing fabricated polyethylene plank material to the Midwest. Sealed Air Corporation pioneered the use of polyethylene plank for cushioning and packaging applications many years ago. Today, they continue to lead the industry through innovation and a commitment to high-quality standards.

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Midwest Polyethylene Foam from AM Foam Products in Kansas City Missouri -

Midwest Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam from AM Foam & Rubber in Kansas City Missouri -

Cross Linked Polyethylene

Chemically Cross Linked Foam is an extremely fine-celled foam, ideal for projects and applications that require thicker foam. With a smooth, pleasant feel combined with superior physical and chemical properties, Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is the solution for an array of applications that demand thicker sections of closed-cell foam. With its closed-cell density, Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam works well commercially as thermal insulation, construction expansion joints and industrial gaskets. It is also used as packaging and in flotation equipment, with its low moisture permeability and high buoyancy.

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